Using Arduino as serial(data packet) to USB bridge

While working on a board MSP430_puppy, developed at our CEDT. This idea struck in my mind. Puppy don’t have a FTDI chip on board rather it uses CDC for debugging purposes. Normally, MCU’s have reset at pull-up resistor configuration. So, suppose i have to reset a MCU. Then, i have to ground that pin to reset it. We are approaching toward this point because suppose we have a code burnt in MCU which is replying back to PC by serial to usb bridge ,FTDI  then that packet will overlap with our main packet which we are intended to receive. so we, will put the MCU in reset state to not to interfere with our incoming serial packet from different board.

Connections :-

Gnd (Arduino)–> Reset(Arduino)



Tx (Arduino)–> Tx(Puppy)

And here we go.