Tmux-Vim configurations

While working with AWS, Beaglebone Black or Raspberry pi remote computer system via SSH sometimes communication failure cause dpkg error or remote compiling get interrupted abruptly. Also, in order to work at many things in parallel, you have to open many terminal, switching between them is problematic, no Directory tree listing and many more other problems. Just to tackle that i use tmux-vim combination at rescue.

Just few setting for tmux-vim that i prefer to use :-
Instruction to use
1. sudo apt-get update
2. sudo apt-get install vim git
3. git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle
4.git clone
5. just copy .tmux.conf and .vimrc to ~/ (in case of ubuntu/other linux system)
6. Open vim and issue this command :PluginInstall.
7. To update plugin use :PluginUpdate

Few shortcuts are discussed at tmux-vim github repository :-

Use just keyboard to increase efficiency,  a whole new light-weight command line editor is now there with you.