Tinker around a water tank solution (ESP to Android)

I accomplished this project a year ago, but the whole system was in rudimentary form. This week, I decided to give a finishing touch to the same.
Being in a decade where the network device is commonly available with everyone, hardware interface(i.e pot, seven segments or LCD) is somewhat costlier and provide fewer features as compared to an Android device, in general.  Also, the time where we provide a bridge to communicate and give valuable data output to other embedded system or OS running device, we enter in domain so-called IOT. It can be on world-wide-web, local net. In this case, I incorporated everything within a subnet and for the user interface, I provided an Android app. Here is the block diagram of the system:-

Here is the sample demo of landing activity dynamics:-

Soon, when I will get the time, I will update another post regarding the hurdle that I faced in connecting a 32-bit soc (supported by TCP/IP stack) with an Android phone and the polling mechanism as you cannot run the network operation with this kind of devices on UI thread etc. Also, I am planning to remove the polling mechanism with a software driven interrupt like GCM which also cost lesser in terms of network bandwidth.