This January from 17-23, i have spent whole week at PDPU(Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University), Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I was in sensor across scale track and was interacted with a lot of innovative minds from different background not just engineering or say not just technical background.

Under the guidance of our instructors Artem Dementyev, Jacob Bernstein and Anirudh Sharma. Our team build a Ele-Sense mechanism for elephants as well as rural people of Kerala. It’s motive was to have a alarm mechanism which will get triggered by Elephants.
For sensing of Elephants we were with lots of options to trigger. For example among all other animal (available in India) we can easily pin-point an elephants because of its weight, Height, grey body color, Speed, Infra-sound  bandwidth for vocal-communication and feet pads for interception (after few kilometers ).

so we had chosen those options which are scale-able to a large geographical area since boundary of village in Kerala, in range of 5 to 6 km(test case).

Prototype Ele-Sense

End-Product out of this options were a laser interception mechanism and Sub-woofer(capable of producing infra-sound ), being an transducer as a Infra-sound sensor. And a cheap rf transmitter and a NUAND|blade RF SDR for interception of the ping. Triangulation method was used to pin-point the location. This triangulation was demonstrated on a MATLAB stimulation.