HelpMate – A smart helmate (prototype)

Last  year in Texas Instrument’s Innovation contest, i had participated with a Idea of smart helmate , with project name HelpMate. It’s primary purpose is to help Fire-fighters to establish co-ordiantion among themselves. As evident from Lotus business park, Andheri fire incident this could have helped those people at rescue.
Also, with slight changes it can be used for, normal day to day bikers’ helmate with smart features.

It’s UI interface includes, webcam stream with all the sensor value on screen, on the shed of helmate.



The very same the sensor values’ over-layed video-stream is available on the sever side, which can be easily available for stream on base station. This Stream can be easily redirected to any other fireman helmate’s shed if the person on the base station want so for any coordination. Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2