Water-level detector for plants

  Well after losing my favourite plant as  a gift, that also because of irregularity in watering the plant ( I do accept my mistake). I decided to make a simple indicator for water level in soil for plants. Basically, it a kind of minor project in college academics , in which i have to … Continue reading Water-level detector for plants

Yowsup – configuring python whatsapp library in Beaglebone (Ubuntu)

This post elaborate various steps involved in setting up WhatsApp python library in Linux. For connecting Whatsapp service to Beaglebone, we will be using Yowsup python library. Yowsup-cli is a command-line front end opensource python program under MIT license that allow you to login and use the whatsapp service and provide you with all capabilities … Continue reading Yowsup – configuring python whatsapp library in Beaglebone (Ubuntu)

Making ‘Local’ webserver ‘Global’.

In last blog, I had hosted my webserver in BeagleBone Black(BBB) locally via router on IP address. But problem with that kind of approach is that it in not visible to client outside my local network. In this Blog we will approach toward 'how to make that webserver global'. Every website/computer is linked with … Continue reading Making ‘Local’ webserver ‘Global’.